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ELITE Co pledges 10% of its profits to WWF

WWFELITE Co pledges 10% of its profits to WWF As part of ELITE Co mission to be the leader in sustainable and ethical transport solutions, 10% of all ELITE Co profits in 2007 will go to WWF. Our intention is to make a positive difference, whilst providing a world - class service.

The mission of WWF - the global environment network - is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment, and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

ELITE Co business development manager, David Palin said, " I believe that, the further we reach across the world, whether as a company or as people, the greater are our responsibilities - to our fellow human beings, to this planet and to the wonderful diversity of creatures with which we share it.

ELITE Co Worldwide, which claims to be the UK's first carbon neutral courier delivered saplings to 100 companies across the South East this month, in a bid to encourage them to convert to being carbon neutral too.

Carbon Neutral -ELITE Co MD, Mark Dean, said: "The logistics and freight industries are of particular concern, as their very nature sees tonnes of fumes pumped into the atmosphere every minute of the day. Yet there are some very simple steps these businesses can take to neutralise and even have a positive impact on the environment.
"We want to breathe new life into the approach of the logistics industry to sustainable business. What better way of encouraging companies to take heed than delivering a living tree that will grow as business does, whilst also converting carbon dioxide into oxygen."
Since going carbon neutral last year, ELITE Co Worldwide says it has planted around 1,000 trees, totally offsetting its annual carbon emissions.

ELITE Co committed to being the first CarbonNeutral courier company in the UK in May 2005.
Carbon Neutral -Proud Managing Director, Mark Dean said, "This is like a dream come true. We are not just about delivering parcels. We have always strived to provide the very best services to our customers and now we are able to do this whilst making our business more sustainable. By being the first CarbonNeutral courier company in the UK I believe we will inspire other companies to take responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions and help protect our environment." Everyone at ELITE Co is behind this project and this has initiated other ideas on ways the company can reduce waste, save energy and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. Steve Crooks, ELITE Co Commercial Manager said, "I have had great interest already from some large corporate organizations that would like to be associated with ELITE Co and our CarbonNeutral status. By being the first CarbonNeutral courier company in the UK our environmental strategy makes us an excellent and positive choice of company which will attract new customers, employees and investors." For more information on how you can help to tackle climate change visit; www.futureforests.com or www.thecarbontrust.co.uk

ELITE Co Worldwide are awarded ISO9001 Quality accreditationISO9001 Quality accreditation

ELITE Co Worldwide end the year on another positive note with ISO 9001 accreditation. Earlier in the year Stephanie Knight joined the company as Quality Manager with the task of improving systems and quality as well as maintaining the investors in people standard. "Its been an amazing year working with the team at ELITE Co who are all committed to achieving this award. Many quality measures were already in place and it was immediately evident that everyone here is passionate about about delivering results. My job has been to look and see where we can streamline and standardise processes that lead to more effective and robust procedures to improve the operation of the company and ultimately give our customers a greater experience.
Obtaining this recognition of quality has given our existing customers even higher confidence in us as a courier and logistics business. It also gives potential customers confidence in our ability to consistently deliver" Reported Stephanie.

ELITE Co have become an investor in people.
Investor in People -This recognized standard has proved to work for thousands of organizations that have found that improving their people has an effective way of improving their business. "We are a service provider so our main asset is the people we employ. By focusing our efforts more in looking after our people, we provide a more quality service, which means increased business. To us, the business benefit of Investors in people is not just about the bottom line but the fact that our staff is ready to accept change. In the future, our ability to respond positively to change will be one of the major keys to our success." ELITE Co have also committed to ISO9001 and expect to be fully recognized for this standard by Autumn 2005.

ELITE Co are awarded the national contract for same day deliveries for the H.E Sector.
Logo Through ELITE Co network of offices and over 2000 drivers ELITE Co have been able to provide quick response to the various Colleges and Universities throughout the U.K.

ELITE Co Worldwide has revolutionised its customer bookings with a new web-based service supplied by NetDespatch.NetDespatch
Companies shipping out goods simply log onto the www.elitecous.net web site to request the collection of consignments for same day, next day and international delivery. Live information from ELITE Co satellite-tracked fleet gives up-to-the-second delivery status allowing customers to track their consignments online.

The NetDespatch hosted web services underpin ELITE Co new e-business services as they are designed to integrate with customer's sales order processing and warehouse systems using the unique Velocity Connector integration tool. For ELITE Co Worldwide, NetDespatch has developed special integrated web services which connect directly to their Indigo despatch system and also produce the correct bar code labels for overnight deliveries handled by ELITE Co.

"As well as making it much easier for clients to book and track their deliveries, NetDespatch is great for us as it is so easy to install. In fact, it just requires a customer to log on the web and register and they are instantly up and running. No more implants, no more software headaches, and everyone can use it, irrespective of daily volumes.

NetDespatch gives us a crucial competitive advantage. We can now offer web-based services that are certainly as advanced as anything provided by our multi-national competitors. NetDespatch manage the whole web booking service for us; they have a reputation for innovation, as well as security and reliability, and that is important when you run a technology based business"

Mark Dean, Managing Director of ELITE Co Worldwide.

Warning Lottery Scam

We have recently become aware that ELITE Co Worldwide or ELITE Co Worldwide have been named in some e-mails that suggest that the recipient has won a substantial sum on the lottery or a competition and that once an amount of money has been sent to process the claim a cheque will be delivered by ELITE Co Worldwide.

Please send no money to these people.

We have reported this to the police and continue to notify all who contact us that this is merely an attempt to part them from their money.

We have no connection with any lottery and do not hold or deliver cheques on their behalf.